Our Staff

Pastor Kristal Smith serves as LLCM’s visitation pastor. An ordained pastor of the Presbyterian Church, USA, she is also a certified spiritual director. Kristal enjoys engaging in the events and stories of life and discovering the flecks of gold (i.e. glimpses of God’s love and grace) among the rocks and mud.  She likes to run, bike, swim, play piano, and hike the trails of beautifully-rugged central Pennsylvania.  She is the wife of Dave and mother of Andrea, Rachel, and Matthew, all sources of great love and joy.


Lyssa Coy is our Parish Administrator. She coordinates communication between the four congregations, assists the parish treasurer in maintaining financial records and generally keeps the rest of us on track. She is the real brains of this operation. Lyssa has two sons, Christofer and Nikolas, and a daughter, Libby. She enjoys spending time with her children, painting,  and yoga. 

Three congregations, one mission: to share Christ's love with the world.

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