Fill the Bowl a Huge Success

When Rabbi Paula Reimers of Congregation Beth Israel was our guest presenter at our second Lenten midweek study, she invited us to participate in the Fill the Bowl project, an effort to collect pet food for people in need. Mae Maxwell, LLCM Vice President and a member of Zion, took up the challenge and led the charge to help “fill the bowl, and the people of the Co-op responded. During the month of April, LLCM members and friends donated 116 lbs of dry dog food, 41 cans of dog food, 10 lbs of dog biscuits and other treats, 90 lbs of dry cat food, 50 cans of cat food, 12 pouches of soft cat food, a blanket, two dog beds, 17 toys, four brushes, two combs, two regular leashes, a retractable leash, and eleven bottles of shampoo. As Rabbi Paula put it, “YOU GUYS ROCK!”

Two congregations, one mission: to share Christ's love with the world.

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