Building Faith at Home

God is where we are, whether we notice God’s presence or not.

home-clipart-House-Clip-art-06No matter where our home is or how many people live there, God promises to be with us. When we wake up and wash our face in the morning, we have an opportunity to remember our baptism.  As we gather for a meal at our dining room table or a quick bite to eat as we walk out the door, we have a chance to give thanks to God for providing abundant blessings.  Throughout our day, God surrounds us with love, protection, and care.

Throughout the season of Lent, we have an opportunity to deepen our faith at home.

Anytime we gather around God’s Word or gather for prayer, we allow the Spirit to work in us and deepen our faith.  One of the ways to do this is through a pattern called Faith5, which is to gather with those in our household, share our highs and lows, read scripture together, reflect on how the scripture relates to our highs and lows, pray for each person’s highs and lows, and bless one another.  If we are a household of one, it’s possible to do this by ourselves.  It’s also possible to find a brother or sister in Christ to walk with us during this time.


For more information on Faith5 or to order resources for your household, click here.

For daily readings for Lent and Holy week, 2016, download the pdf document below.

Daily Readings for Lent and Holy Week, 2016

If you can’t read a whole reading or all the readings, start with a few verses.  If you miss a day or a week, just start back up again.  God wants to engage into conversation with you!

For an example of one household engaging Faith5, click here.

If you have questions about what you are reading or would like a pastor to join you for a devotion, please invite one of your pastors into conversation.  God be with you!


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